Zamtarvi Guard

The Zamtarvi Guard are the strongest military presence in the region, dedicated to the defense of Zamtarvi. They stand about 2400 strong. They will occasionally go out on campaign to fight raiding orcs if they are too numerous for the Eye of Justice to deal with. They will also serve as elite mercenaries for trade caravans and the police force, as Zamtarvi is rarely under direct external threat. The Guard is a very lawful organization, which makes them a strict police force and gives them a rigid hierarchical structure.

- Squire (white tunic) – A guard in training, normally 13-22 years old. The first have of this training is normally spent in some the barracks, the second half as an apprentice cop in Zamtarvi.
- Guardsman (gray tunic)- The fighting soldier of the guard, most are under 35, by then they have either been promoted or taken their wages and bought a plot of land for income.
- Lieutenant (purple tunic) – Most command squads of ten men, up to half a squad being squires. Some are promoted without a squad to command as many merchants will hire lieutenants to lead their cheaper groups of mercenaries. Most Lieutenants have been guardsman for a few years, but some are promoted directly from squires if they are particularly promising.
- Captain (purple tunic with gold trim) – Most commonly, captains command companies of 8 squads (80 men) , though some captains work as army bureaucrats and recruiters. Experience is highly valued, so Captains are rarely under 30.
- General (gold tunic) – Generals command a regiment of 5 companies (400 men), most regiments act independently, patrolling the valley or marching into the mountains to take on orcs or goblins, though two regiments are kept in Zamtarvi at all times. Quick counters might note that there would only be six generals, which is not quite true, as several generals serve purely as military council to the Zamtar and are occasionally sent on diplomatic missions, as both the merchant council of Kerito and the dwarves respect a good sword arm. Generals are almost never under 40.
- Lord Commander (gold armor with ornate purple trim) – Lord Commander Oguln has lead the guard with a strong fist for 8 years, seeing two major orc tribes pushed back into the mountains, and he has the respect of all in Zamtarvi.

The guard have their own code, separate from the laws of Zamtarvi.
1) Those who serve for and beside you, you protect with your life.
2) When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that you find someone to carry you.
3) Never run from a fight if innocents are in danger.
4) Give your superiors honor and respect.
5) Make sure others wounds are treated, before looking at your own.
6) Never refuse a challenge, for your honor.
7) Follow the Zamtar and Lord Commander, to whatever end.

The guard gets along well enough with the Knights of the Eye, using the armored knights as an effective hammer against orcs, though they often find their fanaticism tiring when trying to protect the peace in Zamtarvi. Most guardsman do worship one of the threefold gods, though most don’t care to enter into debate whether the three are the same or distinct.

Zamtarvi Guard

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