Fall 2015 Campaign Info

Rezan of clan Goldthumb has died in battle against marauding Orcs. His army continued fighting and emerged victorious, but he left his great fortune and the command of the clan to his young granddaughter Farska, rather than to his nephew Thranbir, the heir apparent. Thranbir is unwilling to accept the rule of his young cousin, and is raising an army in opposition. The lesser clans of the region have begun streaming to the Goldthumb camps, hoping to gain favor if their dwarf lord prevails.

Zamtar Teva, fearing the impending civil war, has sent a diplomatic envoy to the Goldthumb capital of Chaelhig to try to mediate a peace, but he is also preparing an adventuring party to find out more about the cause of the rift in the great family, and to be the a vanguard of Zamtar troops should war break out. He has asked the heroes of the Igaku investigation to join the group, as they have some fame in dwarven lands as the saviors from Tunnel Sickness .

There will be 321 days between adventures. downtime activity ideas:
1. Gain proficiency with a tool or learn a language (150 gp, 150 days)
2. Gain a new skill (1000gp, 300 days)
3. Craft (1/2 gp of item, gp of item/5 days), need tool proficiency
4. Craft Magic item (1/2 gp of item, gp of item/25 days), need to be able to cast spell, ask me for magic item prices
5. Make connections, we’ll decide cost and time based on who
6. Buy a Tavern, build a church, etc, there are rules and costs for most of these in the dmg
7. Whatever else you can think of.

If you want comfortable, wealthy or aristocrat, rules and costs are in the ph (pg 158)

For new characters: 7th level, 1500 gp, 1 uncommon magic item. Anything in the ph is fine, please ask me if you want something out of the dmg. You also get the 321 free days if you want to learn new skills.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions

Fall 2015 Campaign Info

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