The Falls

A New Adventure Awaits (Belerin)

I was summoned to the King’s throne room. I was not the only one called to this meeting. There were three I recognize, Thordain, Oressia “Lightning” Silverleaf, and Bai-Qiao Lao. The latter of whom I had not seen much of, but had served with her. There was one other in the room, he was Orin Azrilgorm.
The King entered and informed us that the purpose of this meeting was to establish a group of people to deal with an escalating situation in the dwarven kingdoms in the mountains and that Orin was to be our guide.

Using L’s connections with the Fordum family, we secured a boat to the dwarven capital Chaehlig. The ship was not large, but it was the correct size for a group of “mercenaries” and not an official envoy. The crew was Pong and Yons, his son.
When I was told that we would be stopping in the town of Saxit, I was overjoyed. Once we docked, I immediately headed off to see the old family farm. It had been many years since I had been in the town. I doubt anyone would recognize me now. I briefly talked to the family that was living there and found out that my mom moved to a far away town soon after the attacks.

The next day we continue up the river. After half a days travel, we are stopped at what looked like a makeshift checkpoint. They say that they were to report and then escort us to their camp. While we were waiting, a couple ran up and said that they were being attacked by orcs. Orin and myself, both with our own reasons to hate orcs, run off to slay the foe. When we get to the site of the couples caravan, we see that the orcs were fighting with some hill giants. After a rough fight, we dispatch the hill giants and most of the orcs (with the help of the giants).

When we go back to the guards, Thordain get’s too excited to be approaching a dwarven settlement again and name starts telling everyone that we were the one’s who cured tunnel sickness. In classic L fashion, she got super offended when the dwarfs recognized Thordain and myself but could not remember who she was. Luckily she did not throw one of her usual tantrums which more than often got us into some sort of trouble.
We were escorted to Fimdoll and told that we were to meet Thranbir the following day. Orin and Thordain joined in on some tag team wrestling under the name “Law and H’Ordervs”. After the elder dwarf won, Thordain revealed that his highschool wrestling nickname was “Thunder Thighs Thordain”. While the wrestling was going on i slipped into a dark corner and summoned my orange dragon. However Sir Smiles was apparently less than happy to be in a dwarven tavern. He also did not have any insight into the situation that we would be going to. I let him go as to not torture the fey any longer.

The next few days were going to probably contain a bunch of political yelling and claims. I’d be much happier back in the swamps fighting the bullywugs and lizard folk over some special herbs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to kill a few orcs while I’m out here.


nate_snyder4 McChisel

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