Oressia "Lightning" Silverleaf

half-elven sorcerer of House Silverleaf and draconic origin


Oressia was born to Zaril Silverleaf, a high-ranked librarian and bureaucrat of Zamtarvi, and Isabela “Dreadfist” Kerrigan, captain of the mercenary ship The Bronze Dragon. Though her father had aspirations for her to be a wizard, Oressia’s magic was of a much rawer form, more linked to any flares of emotion than to any texts she read. She seeks to prove herself to both her father, who she feels is skeptical of her talents, and her mother, whom she sees infrequently but admires greatly, seeing her as some swashbuckling conqueror of the seas.

As a nineteen-year-old, she fancies herself much cooler than she is, and is trying to make the nickname “Lightning” catch on. As two members of Zamtarvi’s hoi polloi that did not quite have the desired purity of elven blood, she and Sean’s character developed a certain camaraderie through childhood and adolescence at the revolving door of galas and soirees for the local nobles.

Visual inspiration:

Oressia "Lightning" Silverleaf

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