Belerin Urthadar

Human General of Zamtarvi guard.


26 years old 6’3" raven hair, fair skin, jade eyes, well built. Raised by Xavven Urthadar, General of the Zamtarvi Guard.


While Xavven is not Belerin’s biological father, he kept Xavven’s last name as a sign of respect and thanks for raising and training him. Belerin keeps the locket he was given on his person at all times.
From Xavven’s training, Belerin’s combat prowess quickly became caught the eye of Oglun. Belerin was promoted to Lieutenant at a young age, and was dedicated to more scouting and advanced recon then going out and fighting larger battles.

While the guard were protectors of the people and enforcers of the law, a few things stuck with Belerin (and some from his father).
1) Those who serve for and beside you, you protect with your life.
2) When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that you find someone to carry you.
3) Never run from a fight if innocents may be hurt.
4) Give your superiors the respect they deserve.
5) Make sure others wounds are treated, before looking at your own.
6) Never refuse a challenge of your honor.

Xavven was tasked with guarding the airship, and has yet to be heard of since it’s crash. Belerin quickly volunteered himself to be a scout for information about the airship. He was informed that the high elves would be sending a spy with him, luckily it was Aust Na├»lo, who he had worked with previously on scouting missions. The two heard that there were to be another joining. Belerin is eager to learn what has happened to his father and the airship, and is willing to dispatch anyone who stands in his way.

After recent events, Belerin got promoted to Captain and is now the leader of Task Force H, which is charged with further investigating Tywin Fanister’s actions in spreading the tunnel sickness.

After the events surrounding Tywin Vanister and subsequent actions taken, Belerin was promoted to General of the Zamtarvi Guard. He is now off with some familiar faces in the dwarven kingdom in the mountains dealing with family internal power struggles.

Belerin Urthadar

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