The city of the falls. Perched on The Edge at the eastern edge of the Vodospa Valley is the great city of Zamtarvi. Zamtarvi earned it place of power and prestige by being the easiest place to climb the edge, and later when the human Zamtar family allied with elven magicians, the arcane elevator made it possibly to move goods up and down the mountain. Zamtarvi became massively rich on the payments made to us the elevator, and became home to many trade companies, and that drew many people of different races from the area. Zamtarvi still is the place to be, for businessmen or craftsman or magicians. The same wizards and engineers who constructed the elevator built a massive wizard tower and library on a peer extending into the river, this is the largest library on the eastern coast, and Zamtarvi is known as a center for transmutation knowledge around the Eastern Sea .

Zamtarvi is split in two by the Edge; the upper city is bright and full of gorgeous buildings. The western entrance to the city, along the river, features great churches wealthy donors have created to numerous gods, behind them are many artisan shops, and behind that a rich residential district. Near the edge and over the falls is the great palace, and many other rich estates of the noble families. Between these is the upper wharf and market,full of small keelboats bringing crops from the valley and metal from the mountains, being traded in a gorgeous open air forum for the goods of the city, with easy access to the elevator for goods destined for foreign markets. Crime in the upper city is almost unheard of, as the town guard are numerous and vigilant. The upper city has a stone wall protecting the sides of the city not protected by the river or the edge.

The lower city is much darker, living in the shadow of the Edge and the Swamp. The spray from the falls makes the city always damp and cloudy. The Zamtars have tried to improve the lower city, making a stone road from the elevator to the lower wharf, lined with pleasant shops, but behind the facade lies dark alleyways, dingy warehouses and poor damp wooden houses. The lower city is protected by a wooden palisade and most of the city is orderly and safe, though the guard is much less attentive than up above; however, dark deals are certainly made behind closed doors.

The city is ruled by a benevolent but strict King, and it is run by bureaucrats. Many of the major players in the city are members of the 9 noble human families, though elves are also quite active in court. The other major player in the city is the Eye of Justice who maintain a large barracks next to their church. While beholden to King Teva, they uphold and defend the laws of the city, and protect both it and the countryside. They do not hold open trials, and when agitators or criminals are found out, many will turn themselves into the town guard to avoid being taken by the Knights of the Eye.

Important families:
Zamtar: Ruling family, current head is King Teva, who has two children. Their sigil is a White gem on a purple field, which is also used as the flag of Zamtarvi.
Yadurja: A family of prominent wizards, current head is High Wizard Rozzen. Their sigil is a golden book opened on a black field.
Walter: Owns many farms and a small trade network. Traditionally the eldest son is named Walter. Their sigil is a green tree on white field.
Fordham: Owns the largest trade network, controls over half the ships on the upper Vodospa. Their sigil is a blue anchor on an orange field.


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