Orin Azrilgorm

Mountain Dwarf Diplomat


Orin “Silverbeard” Azrilgorm is an alarmingly likable dwarf, with a silver beard that almost appears to glitter in the light. His chiseled features are marred by boil scars stretching from his right cheek down his neck; a souvenir of his run-in with Tunnel Sickness.

Orin served as a town protector and caravan guard, and became known for his leadership and generally pleasant demeanor. (At least for a mountain dwarf.) His near-death experience thanks to Tunnel Sickness eroded his previously impeccable constitution. He found a new focus in serving as an emissary between the (not always friendly) nearby clans of dwarves. As word of his successes spread, so too did his travels.

He now finds himself facing what may be the greatest challenge of his diplomatic career yet.

Orin Azrilgorm

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