Romero Nailo

Half-elf Bard


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye: silver
Hair: Honey
Skin: Moonlight white


Having swindled an important spell book from a prominent member of the Yadurja family, Romero Nailo has since been on the run. Drawn to tales of legendary heroes for their heroic feats of strength and courage and a talent for music, Romero Nailo was classically trained as a Bard by his father Himo Nailo, a High Elf Bard who had a great yearning for historical knowledge. Himo Nailo like many other High Elves in Zamtarvi worked as primarily as an entertainer and musical instructor for several of the noble families. Due to his fathers work Romero was fairly well acquainted with the other elven families of Zamtarvi. Having learned from his father that the Yadurja were in possession of a spell book that belonged to the great Elminster Aumar that they came to be in their possession through less than honest means. This spell book was rumored to contain the secrets to combining arcane and divine magics. Romero Nailo set out to make use of the skill set he acquired as a child playing in the lower city. His ego was as large as the legends that he was inspired by. He would moonlight as a charlatan to stroke this ego, not believing that he could be fooled by anyone. Forging documents which was a particular specialty of Romero Nailo. While the Yadurja have no idea exactly who the conman was that stole the spell book; Romero Nailo knew that wizards are not to be trifled with but the book needs to be returned to Santuar where it belongs.

Romero Nailo

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