The Falls

A New Adventure Awaits (Belerin)

I was summoned to the King’s throne room. I was not the only one called to this meeting. There were three I recognize, Thordain, Oressia “Lightning” Silverleaf, and Bai-Qiao Lao. The latter of whom I had not seen much of, but had served with her. There was one other in the room, he was Orin Azrilgorm.
The King entered and informed us that the purpose of this meeting was to establish a group of people to deal with an escalating situation in the dwarven kingdoms in the mountains and that Orin was to be our guide.

Using L’s connections with the Fordum family, we secured a boat to the dwarven capital Chaehlig. The ship was not large, but it was the correct size for a group of “mercenaries” and not an official envoy. The crew was Pong and Yons, his son.
When I was told that we would be stopping in the town of Saxit, I was overjoyed. Once we docked, I immediately headed off to see the old family farm. It had been many years since I had been in the town. I doubt anyone would recognize me now. I briefly talked to the family that was living there and found out that my mom moved to a far away town soon after the attacks.

The next day we continue up the river. After half a days travel, we are stopped at what looked like a makeshift checkpoint. They say that they were to report and then escort us to their camp. While we were waiting, a couple ran up and said that they were being attacked by orcs. Orin and myself, both with our own reasons to hate orcs, run off to slay the foe. When we get to the site of the couples caravan, we see that the orcs were fighting with some hill giants. After a rough fight, we dispatch the hill giants and most of the orcs (with the help of the giants).

When we go back to the guards, Thordain get’s too excited to be approaching a dwarven settlement again and name starts telling everyone that we were the one’s who cured tunnel sickness. In classic L fashion, she got super offended when the dwarfs recognized Thordain and myself but could not remember who she was. Luckily she did not throw one of her usual tantrums which more than often got us into some sort of trouble.
We were escorted to Fimdoll and told that we were to meet Thranbir the following day. Orin and Thordain joined in on some tag team wrestling under the name “Law and H’Ordervs”. After the elder dwarf won, Thordain revealed that his highschool wrestling nickname was “Thunder Thighs Thordain”. While the wrestling was going on i slipped into a dark corner and summoned my orange dragon. However Sir Smiles was apparently less than happy to be in a dwarven tavern. He also did not have any insight into the situation that we would be going to. I let him go as to not torture the fey any longer.

The next few days were going to probably contain a bunch of political yelling and claims. I’d be much happier back in the swamps fighting the bullywugs and lizard folk over some special herbs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to kill a few orcs while I’m out here.

In The Library

We start in library

Tim is busy reading. We find out we need to give a soul to re-start the alter.

Try and complete the ritual, it doesn’t work it sputters. We kick it still doesn’t work.

We choose to sacrifice Tywin’s soul, Try again.

We dance better

As we’re about to finish the spell we go unconscious.

We awake in countable darkness on spiraling paths and there is a dick with BDSM chains in the middle.

We have a nice video intermission:

We kill everything in the room. Alter expresses mixed feeling thanking us and hating us at the same time.

We open a dungeon by solving a riddle. Break open a window and try to cross and get attacked by fishes.

Walk down hall and beat up more guards. We interrogate them and hide their bodies in the fishy pond.

More brodudes patrolling the town.

We send reports back to the home base. Oresia starts fighting with guards again. Then meets mom and freaks out like a preteen girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

7/12 Adventure Log
as described by Oressia "Lightning" Silverleaf, Baronetess and Protector of the Lower Second Wharf

Having ended our scuffle at the hags’ shack, we tended to the wounds of the Fordham men present. Captain Bob thanked us fervently and asked us to escort him back to Zamtarvi, afraid of any other attacks on the road. Err, river. We oblige, knowing that we can’t get to Santuar in the time remaining in the day anyway. Our party is greeted by a cheering crowd at the docks, and Lord Fordham rewards us richly for our daring rescue. We spend the night in Zamtarvi and set out again in the morning with a new sense of accomplishment.

We have not made it very far down the river when we spot a smile perched on the bank. When we hail it, suspicious, it flies to us and warns Romero not to return the book to the temple, lest they be unable to protect it. The creature turns out to be an orange faerie dragon, and he does us no harm, though he does sneeze some sort of euphoric glitter on us before leaving, causing Belerin to howl with laughter for the next twenty minutes.

After a day of sailing, we spend the night in one of Romero’s tiny huts, only to be attacked by a fire elemental in the morning, followed by a crew of scrawny magma mephits, who explode in a fiery burst upon their demise, singeing us and our boat. However, with some expert swordwork from Belerin and support from the rest of us, we dispatch them. Some tsking in the air alerts us that the dragon is still with us, whom we dub Sir Smile, and tells us that the Yadurja sent these creatures and they won’t rest until they get Elminster’s tome. We consider his warning a little more seriously this time and decide to use caution when returning the book, lest the keepers are unable to defend it from the Yadurja.

The next few hours of sailing are pleasant (especially for those of us who aren’t rowing, hee hee), but soon our trek is once again interrupted, this time by a dryad, who warns us that the book has the power to tear the fabric of the Weave. It’s nothing we haven’t heard from Sir Smile, but it’s a little more worrying, given that her steed is a giant crocodile. With some silver-tongued glibness from Romero and grousing from Princess Tim, she repents and admits that if we were to “reactivate the altar,” this might be enough to protect the book from the wrong hands. We swear to it and she lets us pass with a leafy scowl.

We arrive at Santuar in the late afternoon and find that it was the site of a huge massacre. Bodies of both wood elves and black X-marked lizardfolk are scattered everywhere, and there is no sign of any survivors. The bodies seem to have been dead for weeks.

We enter the temple of Eldath, cautious. Ahead of us is an altar with an empty pedestal upon it, no doubt for the book, and around us are the bodies of priests, bearing both acid burns and the silver seven-pointed star of Elminster on their purple robes.

After some examination of the rune-carved altar, we discover a trap door behind it, leading down and through a hallway. The hall is lined with fire traps, but Tim and I work together to test where they are triggered and locate the pressure plates with our mage hand spells. At the end of the hall is what seems to be a library with an impressive stone statue posing in the middle.

Unfortunately, the statue quits posing to attack us. Thankfully, Belerin and Thordain are in the front, but in a herculean feat of strength the statue keeps pushing us backward, until we trigger one of the pressure plates and are engulfed in flame. By the grace of Silverbeard, Thordain bolsters us and we retaliate, driving it back and finally destroying it.

Exhausted, we set up watches and spend the night in the library.

7/5 log

19th of Graunik

Oressia was informed that the enemies of Silverbeard had taken captives. The Rock of Battle will show no mercy on their souls.

After we left Zamtarvi we were attacked by the water itself. I hate water! By the blessing of The Lord of Twin Axes we turned these abominations back into harmless puddles.

An hour later, we were assaulted by the beardless frog people. The Goblinbane gave me and my fellows the strength to overcome their attack, putting down all who would stand before us.

Finally we reached the location where the prisoners were held. Belerin ran towards some elven maidens, though The Wyrmslayer gave me the sight to know it was a trap. The elves had claws and cast spells, and called thousands of spiders from the tree’s to attack us, damn elves. Many of my friends fell, but The Father of Battle once again gave us strength to crush ours enemies.

We found the captives, though one was too far gone even for The Silver Light of the True Beard to save. We also found Nadie, he looked unwell. Belerin and Oressia chatted with him for a while, then freed him. Our Exarch of Moradin will judge his soul.

Praise Silverbeard!

6/28 Log

17th of Granite

We arrived at Zamtarvi after burning the Gulthias tree and dealing with its keepers. “Walter-Walter” decided to stay in lower Zamtarvi, most likely to frequent some bars and “serenade” the locals for some coin. The rest of us took the elevator up. Thordain rushed off to the church to tell them about some visions he had (which were either true, or hallucinations from all of his fainting yesterday). Lightning told Tim that her father was a librarian, so he went with her intent on reading through the night. I myself retired to my place. However before I rest, I would make copies of a few documents we came across on the “Black Dragon”.

18th of Granite

In the morning, all of us except “Walter” met up to talk to Wism Tok. We gave him the documents from Tywin Sanister, barrels of ingaku and the purple sap used to help create a cure. After quickly looking over them and hearing that we destroyed the ingaku tree he said that he would be sure that the King would want an audience with us. Our appointment was for late afternoon/early evening.
We each set off for our own shopping/errands. I got some armor we found refitted for the short stout body of a dwarf for Thordain, and the joined Tim in the markets to sell some of the valuables that we had collected. Since “Walter” was not with us we decided to try to find him to let him know about the meeting with the king.
Tim and I went one way and Lightning and Thordain went another. In a bar, a dwarf walked over to us soon after he saw us talking to the barmaid. The voice was clearly "Walter"s. Normally I would have not much time for games like this, but I was in a great mood. I would finally get to meet the king. So I played along and told the “dwarf” to inform “Walter” of our meeting, after some fun banter, then left.

When we arrived at the palace, “Walter” was still nowhere to be found. We were lead to a throne room. In the room there were 7 Large throne like chairs. Above 6 of them were banners. The middle chair and banner were that of the king and the most pristine looking. Among them was the banner for the guard. When seeing this I was hoping that Lord Commander Ogaln would be here as well. Not long after we were waiting, a guard opened the door, and he had “Walter” in tow with him.
even though I’m sure it wasn’t long, I was so anxious to meet the council that it felt like forever till the meeting started. Zamtar Teva was flanked by Charles Fordham (Marques of the Lower Warfs), Aldon Yadjurya (Ambasador to the High Elves), Walter-Walter the 5th (the real one), High Priest Hardarm, Wism Tok (who apparently had recently been promoted), and Lord Commander Ogaln. I would have probably enjoyed watching "Walter"s face when he found out that the real Walter-Walter was present, but I was too focused on the dignitaries before us.
We were praised for our dealing with the Gulthias tree and information about Tywin Ranister. However we learned that there was someone claiming the name still operating outside of Kerito. While this was troubling news, it was easily cast aside when we were all addressed. We were each given new titles and responsibilities as follows:
Champion Thordain (of the church of Silverbeard most likely)
Journeyman Alchemist Tim of Kerito
Oressia Silverleaf Baronetess of the 2nd Lower Wharf
Rumero Covert Agent of the Guard
Captain Belerin Urthadar Commander of task force H
Today was definitely a day to remember. My very own task force. Luckily I held my composure and did not embarrass myself too much. After leaving the palace, with his new access to the Councils library and alchemy labs, Tim rushed off to do some research or whatever it is that wizards do. The rest of us headed to lower Zamtarvi for a few drinks to celebrate. When I left, Romero and Thordain were partying hard, and gathering a crowd of fellow drunks to listen about Silverbeard. What was more amusing was that Thordain still called Romero Walter-Walter.
Once home I polished my fathers armor, cleaned a little and went to sleep.

Middle of the Night
I was awoken to a sharp pain in my chest. Above me was what looked like a spirit. It had long fingers and was removing its hand from my chest. Luckily Xavven Urthadar taught me that a good guardsman keeps his gear close at hand. For protecting the innocent was a full day’s job. Luckily the spirit didn’t seem too strong and I was able to quickly dispatch it. Soon after Tim arrived at my place with 2 guards stating he was also attacked. This could not be a coincidence. After getting dressed, we went to grab his things. Nothing else had disturbed his place. Our thoughts went to the others. We quickly went to Lightning’s house and discovered that she had also been attacked. Her father however had fallen victim.

We took her father to a medical house for possible treatment. The diagnosis was grim. We were told that his soul had been taken, and there was nothing that they could do. We were told that there were 2 ways to help. Either take him out to the swamp and perform a dark ritual, or kill whomever summoned the specters. Knowing what it was like to lose a parent, I promised “L” that I would do all in my power to help.
As it turns out, Thordain and Romero were also attacked. They were fine, but their friends had suffered a similar fate as L’s father. Thordain told us that the high priest said that there were shadow dancers known to be able to summon such specters. Nadie. This meant that there was but one thing to meet him again. He will meet the same fate as the man who hired him.

18th of Granite
We all stayed together in groups that night. For breakfast we met at my place to discuss our plans. During which, a gust of wind started messing with Romero’s possessions. It seemed as though there was some sort of magic trying to steal one of his books…….wizards. The wind however was starting to throw things around my house. Romero was thrown against the wall and seemed to be knocked out. Tim was hitting something in the air with his frost. A silhouette of what seemed to be a spirit appeared in the wind when L used her namesake lightning. Before whatever was in the wind did to much damage to my fathers place, I swung my mace. To my surprise, it connected with something and the book fell, hitting Romero. After Thordain woke Romero up, I figured it was about time Romero told us exactly who he was, and why some magic user was after a book he had.
Romero explained everything. After cleaning up the mess caused by the “air elemental” (as Tim called it), Task Force H began preparations for the coming troubles.

6/21 Adventure Log

Granite 16

I saw what looks like a spellbook in the one pretending to be Walter Walter’s bag. It seemed I grabbed the wrong one, and now I feel an obligation to fill this journal out. Perhaps I will drop it in Belerin’s stuff when I get the chance.

Lightning returned after having messed up while invisible and alerting the camp to the presence of someone. Oh well, it perhaps could not have been helped. We proceeded to the Gultias tree where we fought several guards and shamans. They had good positioning on us and a few of my allies enjoy standing in the open, but we managed to overcome them. Thordain passed out several times and after one of them, woke up crying and yelling about Silverbeard. He was really worked up. He may have just been exhausted from all the heat, but his beard does have more gray in it…

Next, the tree finally gave in and fell over. Thordain managed to get out of the way, but Lightning was not so lucky. A ranged heal by “Walter” and a misty step kept her from being entombed in the swa… wait, I think this happened later. My sense of time is not the best. This is why I’d rather not write this. It’s going to make no sense to anyone else. Ehh, fuck it they can write their own damn journals.

I think we waited for night, for the Black Dragon fellow to arrive. I tried to use my illusions, but I’m unsure of how well that worked. “Walter” pissed Black Dragon off something fierce and got rekt. In return, Belerin went berserk and I encased us in a small arena. I’m not sure what the others did, but I heard our dwarf yelling about Silverbeard’s justice. It was over quickly.

Afterwards, I wanted to sleep, but Belerin insisted that we divert the river to run past the Gulthias tree. I have little strength, so I let my mage hand do the work. The tree began screaming and I saw a vision of a tree monster with 138 HP, a 10 attack dealing 3d66 damage, a thrown rock with 10 accuracy dealing 4d106 damage, and the ability to make 2 copies of itself. This turned out to be a false vision (or maybe I was just tired) and instead we fought a gigantic blight that tried to eat Belerin. He was having none of that and we killed it just before the tree fell. I think Thordain decided to have a nap during that fight, but I was a bit preoccupied with the giant plant monster trying to kill us to pay too much attention.

Granite 17

Not much happened today. We burned the Gulthias tree and went back to Zamtarvi. The dwarf would not shut up about Silverbeard. I had to cast deafness on myself to keep my sanity. I hear (now that it has worn off) that we’ve been summoned to the palace tomorrow. I wonder if they have a good library…

Tales of Granite 14-16
Song by Romero

“So continues the tale of the adventuring party
As we run away from the last of the guards
Most of are feeling far less than hardy
After killing most of the guards.

Rejoined by Aust who went all rouge but
We lost the short Thordain while running
Thought “Praise be to Silverbeard” was to return.

With no sense of shame and a taste for failure
We set out again to enter the yard
Belong to Lord Tywin Canister
Likely cover further in Guards.

Ascending the banister in a Bug-free hotel
We finally sleep through the night, all peaceful all well.
We awoke to Elf-Toast tasting of rabbit food
According to Oressa who can a time be so crude.

We meet a friend of Aust’s who looks less than friendly
But I would look like that too if I had known what I do now
That Aust would oust us to Lord Tanister for money
To return to the market to buy back his sow
Wait that’s the wrong tale…

Betraid by a friend to meet yet another
We fought off Lord Danister with help from a wizard.
Who looks like a hobo in his current profession
Whose thirst for magical knowledge his crippling obsession.

After outwitting a floating green skull whose head was all empty
we escape to and office with a chest that was not
Looting it with our portable hole
We depart from this town to achieve our next goal

Lord Dorito, some Lizards and a Vampire tree
Pray the irony is not lost on thee.
For how can a tree of a vampiric variety
Survive in the day, the dictator of sobriety

How does it survive in the sunlight
A vampires assumed enemy
Ask I to Lord Tywin now trapped in a ring
Who seems less than pleased to be stuck in the thing
Laughing a my stupidity,
He explains that a vampires soul is merely stuck in a tree
Much like he in the ring
as happy as can be

We buy a boat and sail into the woods
Eventually set up camp and late in the night
Fall asleep in turns without too much blight
Only to awaken to see such a thing
All wiggly and discussing of which I cannot sing

We fight and then sail
For the tree, the subject of this part of the tale
All purple in color whose water seems quite stale…”

6/7/2014 adventure log -- scribed by Lightning
we're alive!

10th of Granite

We arrived at Kerito at sunset. Almost immediately Aust received a raven and departs without so much as a “fare thee well,” the sneak. No manners at all, those wood elves. We receive a silver coin with an emerald-colored band around the middle from Captain Oscar. He tells us that he belongs to the WeeWalter clan, which bears a double green band on their left sleeve to signify their allegiance to the Walter clan, who wears a green tree. The coin is for a favor in Kerito, from some folk, at least.

We go to Gene’s Harbor Inn, a tavern recommended by Oscar. The jovial sun-browned human innkeep gives us a room after being a bit puzzled by our party’s patchwork nature and odd characters, but I suppose this is only the way of those who have never walked the path of the adventurer before. Regardless, we sleep through the night, a welcome change to last night’s “””inn”””.

11th of Granite

In the morning we visit the temple of Umberlee, which is not far from the sea shore. I look for my mother’s ship, but I see no sign of the fearsome Bronze Dragon, a pity, for I’m sure she would impress my fellow travelers.

The temple itself is small, but luxurious, made of cold white marble and filled with gold ornaments and heavy, smoky incense, though pews are scarce to be seen. A row of mysterious black doors line the walls. A tanned priestess with dark, sea-salted hair greets us and, upon inquiry, informs us that the rooms are rented out for meetings. However, she is tight-lipped about Nadieh or any of his company, and shoos us off when we pry.

I stay inside to “pray,” while the rest of the group set up for reconnaissance in a bar across the street. A younger man leaves a room within twenty or so minutes, followed a few minutes later by an older man. The second man is joined by two thuggish men with red circles emblazoned on their sleeves outside. The barkeep informs my fellows that the red circle is the crest of a muscle-for-hire group, the Boros, who are tough to buy and tough to kill, which makes them the bodyguards of choice around Kerito.

Walter Walter V (I wonder how long it’ll take the rest of our band to catch on to that one) decides that the man looks important enough to warrant investigation, and so tails him at a safe distance. Unfortunately, when he tries to snag a scarf (my friend is a criminal) from a bazaar stand to cover his face, the shopkeeper stops him. He buys the scarf, which really brings out his eyes, but the interaction costs him enough time that he loses the man in the crowd.

In the meantime, I see a third man leave the black-doored meeting rooms, so I take it upon myself to tail him. Unfortunately, he catches me, accuses me of trying to con him, and storms off. Oops. Guess I need a little more practice at this kind of stuff.

Belerin is the most successful of our group: he learns from the bartender that the rooms are anti-scrying and intended primarily for business and merchant deals. Very shady!

Afterward, the boys go out to get the lay of the land, while I go to the library to research. I find some history of the temple and study some of the Ten’s crests, but I’m unable to find anything about the black X sigil that the lizardfolk were wearing.

Nearer sunset, we smudge ourselves up to look a bit more like the common folk and go to the Dark Drink in an effort to find Nadieh. I make an attempt at some sort of “beerwine” in an attempt to connect to the simple folk. It does not go well. In fact, it is disgusting.

Walter Walter V sets about trying to gather information from a mélange of humans and halflings, but gets himself into trouble when he attempts to lay a false trail for some Yadurja folk looking for “a half-elf with a book.” He soothes them over with a song, as is his way.

I scare off a potential suitor by pretending my aunt is a priestess of Umberlee, but get no leads for the first while. Belerin engages a wood elf to greater success: he finds that a red-haired human named Edgar who frequents this “establishment” is “keeping track of” the men with red eyes.

Thordain, in true fashion, finds an older sailor to commiserate about Silverbeard’s glory. They drink a lot of the beerwine, I’m guessing because sailors don’t have a long enough life expectancy to care and dwarves are made of iron on the inside.

A different gentleman points me in the direction of Edgar, so Belerin and I converge on him. Edgar initially assumes I am a prostitute (the outrage!!!), we go with him to a back room provided by the innkeep. Clearly, the crude man has connections.

We pay him 10 gold and he informs us that “only two folk stand to benefit.” One is Toredo, who brought the Igaku a week before tunnel sickness even started spreading, and had more delivered more swiftly than should have been possible when it became a problem. The other man, who benefits from the ship going down, is Tywin Bannister, who controls most of the airships, and whose ships are raided much less frequently by the lizard folk. His house sigil is a black skull. Toredo and Tywin share a warehouse, no doubt filled with crime stuff, in the bigger wharf district near the sea. Edgar also tells us that Nadieh likely belongs to a group from across the sea called the Shadowdancers.

While we speak with Edgar, Walter Walter V is ejected from the tavern and onto the street, where he spots a red-eyed gentleman making his way. Knowing that we’re searching for someone similar, he follows him, only to lose him to the shadows. When we depart from Edgar, Romero Walter Walter V leads us to the spot where he lost the black-cloaked man, where we are ambushed by none other than Nadieh himself, holding a rapier to Thordain’s throat.

He commands us – uppity twit – to stop asking questions, but we are too righteous to accede. So, of course, we fight. We wound him severely enough that he disappears, but not before threatening to “see us” at Gene’s Harbor Inn. Because of this, we decide to stay at the Salty Dog Inn, which my mother told me about.

On our way there, we see someone following us, but we accidentally scare him off when we try to lay a trap for him, so we get no information from him. We’re not that great at sneaking, it seems.

We start our night of rest, but we are very rudely interrupted by a monstrous white spider on the ceiling. We slay it handily, hewing its head from its body, and find a threatening note: “A gift for your continued cooperation. Yours, Nadieh. P.S. I am a disgrace to my family and will die alone.” (…Okay, so I may have added that last part.) Thordain complains that this is a horrible gift, but keeps the head. Gross.

12th of Granite

We go to Toredo & Tywin’s warehouse in the morning, where Belerin, Thordain, and WWV attempt to gain access through employ, but nothing comes of our snooping. I go across the street for a cup of morning coffee with a friendly-seeming grandmotherly type, but lose my cool when she, too, accuses me of being a courtesan. In my righteous indignation, I accidentally stumble into a pass to Tywin Cannister’s home for a business meeting when the guards come to investigate and I turn on the waterworks.

Tywin’s home is expensive and well-guarded. Tywin Mannister also seems expensive and well-guarded, and on top of that, does not buy our story (we’re with the Walter family and want to ship… something illegal) and are escorted off, even after I try to sneak into some offices by sleeping a guard in the bathroom. Again, we’re not very good at being sneaky.

We decide that our best course of action is to spy on the warehouse, each taking a separate corner of the building. We notice that later there are fewer guards, but a crew of shifty gentlemen set up shop around the premises. Around 7, I see Tywin make his way down the street to one of the rear corners of the warehouse. Though I can’t see from my hiding place, I hear him converse with some of the suspect men and enter through a hidden back door. We decide to try and sneak Belerin and Thordain in and investigate the next day on a forged Walter family work order from Walter Walter V.

13th of Granite

It doesn’t work. At all. Not even remotely.

Or, in other words, they catch on, block off any escape routes, knock Thordain unconscious, then knock Belerin out, then knock Romero out, all the while sending more and more guards. Through some well-placed healing and Silverbeard’s grace, we barely escape with our skins, but without Thordain’s axe. But alive.

5/24 Adventure Log - Belerin

6th of Granite
After dispatching some Lizardfolk with more Igaku, Aust, Thordain, and myself kept heading in the direction one of the “nicer” Lizardfolk pointed us in. Not long after lunch we heard the shouts. Perceiving them as shouts of distress I urged our boat forward. When we emerged we saw some Lizardfolk with the black marks harassing a bound elder looking wood elf. While engaging the Lizardfolk and a crocodile that appeared from the mist, a half elf sorceress lent a hand. After dispatching the Lizardfolk, we consulted the captive and greeted the sorceress.

The wood elf’s name was Atheder. From his wounds and infection, it was clear that he was not long for this world. He was kind enough to point us to the airship and draw us a map of the surrounding area so we could find our way out of the swamp. He also pointed us in the direction of his village.

The sorceress that helped us defeat the Lizardfolk said her name was Lightning. Something tells me that this is more of a nickname than an actual name, but I didn’t feel like prying. Seeing as she was looking for the airship as well, I extended her an invitation to travel with us and she accepted.

On Atheder’s request, we left him to tend to himself in ways he saw fit and headed to the airship. We soon saw the airship, but it was not a pleasant sight. There was a large human whom had been beheaded and a gnome from earlier that smirked at us at the docks. The gnome was clearly in bad shape but once we reached him we could tell he was still alive. We also noticed the cloaked figure from earlier as well. He was taking barrels from the airship and putting them into what looked like a magic black circle. When the creature saw us he jumped into the circle. As “L” told us, it was a special “bag of holding”. Aust and L collected the “bag” as Thordain attended to the gnome.

Out of the shadows stepped the hooded figure. When he came up to me I could clearly tell that he was a wood elf, and the red eyes stood out. He attacked and knocked me unconscious. Though clearly I was not out for long. I awoke to Aust holding an empty potions bottle; I thanked him and quickly took in my surroundings. The airship was now on fire. Thinking of my father I quickly ran inside.

The scene inside was brutal. My father and the two other guards had their throats slit and it seemed as though the others on the ship had perished as well. I called to the others and moved to get my father out of there. after doing that I went back to get as many bodies out as possible. Lightning thought quickly and grabbed the last barrel of supplies and Thordain helped grab one of the guards. After searching the bodies no clues were to be found of the culprit(s). Somberly I donned my fathers armor and took his damaged weapon.

We turned our attention to the gnome. Thordain helped bring him back into consciousness. The gnome’s name was Kissalin and he told us his beheaded comrade’s name was Bruce. Kissalin told us that the person that attacked us was named Nadie and they met at the emptyset tavern. He asked if he could join us in returning the goods to Zamtarvi. Seeing as he was now alone, seemed genuinely scared Nadie might come back, and had gleamed some insight, I obliged.

After tending to our wounds and searching for clues Lightning helped me build a pyre for the dead. We decided to camp across the river from the crash site. I let the others cross before me (talking the single person kayak) so I could have some time alone to morn. What little sleep I was able to get went undisturbed.

7th of Granite
I awoke to find that there were blights advancing on our location. Some of them were thorny and shot needles, and a few were made what looked to be massive vines. Luckily we were able to deal with them without too much problem (although Lightning took quite the beating). Thordain treated Lightning and we set off back to Zamtarvi to turn in the 4 barrels of Igaku that we had recovered.

After some discussion we decided it best to let Aust take the single person boat out to be able to scout a little ahead of the two canoes that we had. Lightning joined Thordain in one canoe and Kissalin joined me in the other. On our journey back we were once again assaulted by Bullywugs. This time 2 of them rode giant toads. The two riding giant toads attacked my boat. This was foolish of them as I quickly dispatched one of them. Unfortunately Kissalin was not as fortunate and was quickly swallowed by one. While Aust was dealing with what I assume to be the leader of the group (the one that confronted us) and Thordain and Lightning dealt with the two on their side, I tried to free Kissalin. I however was not strong enough.
While we did eventually defeat the Bullywugs, we were unable to save Kissalin. The rest of our journey back to Zamtarvi was uneventful. We arrived at night and I invited everyone to stay at Xavven’s house (little known to me it would now be my house) near the Guard’s barracks. We all took advantage of the wash facilities and took a much needed scrubbing to ourselves and our gear.

8th of Granite
The following morning we took the barrels to the Palace to be turned in. A human magistrate by the name of Wism Toke was the one to deal with us. I took the lead here since I held the highest position within the city (to my knowledge at least). He rewarded our return of the supplies with 200g a barrel. He also consoled me on the loss of my father and informed me that he had left all of his possessions to me. After telling him about the infected Lizard-folk, Wood elf and possibility of a Gulthias Tree, Wism Toke advised us to seek out more information. And if the rumors are true, to deal with it in anyway we see fit. We also give Wism Toke one of the Igaku armbands that the Lizard-folk were using. He seemed perplexed and said that he would give it to the wizards to analyze immediately.

After departing the palace, we all had separate tasks. We gave another Igaku armband to Thordain to take to his church for analysis, I went to the barracks to get my fathers weapon fixed, Lightning and Aust went their own ways. Aust took 2 of the armbands, one of which he said he was going to give to a contact to try to gleam any additional information and the other was to keep. He didn’t give any information about his contact, but knowing him, I was probably better off not asking or knowing.

Thordain and Lightning met back up with me sometime in mid afternoon. Thordain told us that the church also knew nothing immediately of the band, but would look into it. He also mentioned some religious stuff that I ignored. He also mentioned that the church gave him 3 potions, 2 normal, and 1 that was to be used as a last resort. Lightning didn’t have anything to report, but she had clearly changed cloths, probably predicting that we would be going out to the emptyset.

When we entered the emptyset we took a brief look around. There seemed to be only two elven folk in the place. One wood elf and a high elf. The wood elf looked as though he led the life of a pirate or smuggler, so I figured it best to let Lightning talk to him instead of me (the Lieutenant) or the overzealous dwarf. I did however grab a pint and sit within earshot of the two to listen in. Lighting did a good job of working her charm to extract some information. The wood elf (who’s name was as easy to forget as his personality) said that he had heard of other elven folk with red eyes to frequent the Dark Drink and Temple of Umberlee in the port city.

Seeing as he was more interested in showing off than providing information, I decided to chat up a semi-shady looking character at the bar. He mentioned that he remembered seeing Nadie here at the emptyset a few days ago looking for a crew to head to the airship with. I asked if he could point me in the direction of the inn-keep. He politely did. Bobert (the inn-keep) told me that he remembered Nadie and said that he indeed had stayed the night. Luckily the room had not been moved into yet. I grabbed Thordain and went to inspect Nadie’s room. The room looked like it had been cleaned fairly well upon departure. We did however find a gold piece with a skull printing on it. I pocketed the piece, payed Bobert for letting us have a look and for information and went back down to the bar.

Lightning informed us that Nadie is most likely a shadow-dancer and quite possibly working for an organization of some kind. I had another drink or two before departing for the evening. Aust showed up towards the end of my stay and had a drink. While sitting around having a drink, Aust asked me about the training that I went through growing up. After a few tales and descriptors, he asked if I’d be willing to give him a little training. I obliged, thinking that sparing with someone during down time might keep my mind off of the recent tragedies. I told the others to knock and wake me up when and if they decided to stay at my place. When I got back to my place, I polished father’s armor, weapon and insignia, had another drink, then rested while waiting for the others to return. As I lay there I made a promise to myself. I would find who killed Xavven and no matter who they were, they would pay with their life.

5/17 Adventure Log

5th of Granite

We set off in search of the airship today. Belerin was there, as was a strange dwarf named Thordain who constantly talked about his beard. He also waved his hands in the most peculiar fashion when casting spells. Perhaps dwarfs teach magic differently than the elves do. Despite his name, I have not seen him cast any lightning. I shall be on the lookout for this. I am told we were to have two more companions and that they would meet up with us later. How they are going to manage this, I do not know.

Not five minutes after leaving port, we ran into some Bullywugs. Belerin and Thordain decided to have a swim, but the Bullywugs were fairly stupid and easily dispatched regardless. I accidentally shot Belerin in the chaos.

Around lunchtime we were attacked by some plant-like creatures called Blights. We killed the first wave easily enough, but Belerin was knocked unconscious by the second group and I hurt myself misfiring my bow. This was a good start. Thordain was able to heal Belerin and at the same time awe some lizard-people who took us back to their village.

The shaman tried to detain us unless we paid in food or other goods. While he is a good fighter and is charismatic, Belerin is really too honest for his own good sometimes. We managed to leave by only giving up one of our fishing nets and the promise we’d bring back medicine for the tunnel sickness inflicting the lizard-people. How the elder intended for us to find the place again, I don’t know. Then again, that’s not my problem.

We were given two guides to lead us towards the airship. One was killed in a skirmish with a rival lizard-people clan. Unfortunately, one managed to run away despite being quite wounded, but we did discover that they were using Igaku as a binding agent for their shields. Thordain knows quite a lot about Igaku and he says he’s never heard of it being used for anything but potion-brewing. Hmmm…

Our guide left us in a clearing and pointed in the direction of the airship (hopefully). He didn’t even say goodbye, just grunted. Asshole. During the first watch, I noticed a pack of younger Blights advancing on us and roused the others. Despite the darkness, Belerin managed to kill two in one swing and the others were easily dispatched.

6th of Granite

We had another encounter with Bullywugs this morning. I think we killed them all. I don’t really remember. However, what did happen was we ran into a lizard-person druid who summoned snakes and spikes and alligators while maintaining concentration. I was astounded. But then everything but the spikes disappeared, so perhaps I had something funny for breakfast. The snakes were the biggest problem. I killed one that pinned Belerin who killed one pinning Thordain. Another snake went browsing through our food stores. This isn’t a fucking market get your own damn food. How are you even hungry? You’ve only existed like 20 seconds! Anyway, the druid tried to attack me, but my friends came to my aid (even though I did most of the damage to her). She then tried to run and Belerin was almost killed, but Thordain managed to kill her right before she escaped. She had some raw Igaku on her. I think we’ll hold on to this.


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